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I Can't Be With Someone Who Doesn’t Eat Amala - Dj Cuppy

Billionaire Otedola's Daughter, DJ Cuppy says Nigerian staple, amala, is important to her and anyone who doesn’t eat it can’t be a part of her life.

She made this known in a game show on Ndani TV.

She said: “My go-to meal is amala, ewedu and obe didin snail, it just sorts me out. When I meet people that say they don’t eat amala, I ask why?

Some people say they are scared of it, it’s like the best thing in the world. I can’t even be with someone that can’t eat Amala. You can’t hang with me.

She also said she would like to be proposed to in Disneyland in California, US.

I am kind of obsessed with Disney, it’s like a thing for me. I love Disney movies. I actually want to be proposed to in Disneyland so if my future husband is watching this, heads up.

A lot of people know that I collect Mickey Mouses so my obsession with Disney is very serious.

The 25-year-old disc jockey is reportedly dating a young Nigerian man after her relationship with Nigerian footballer, Victor Anichebe,crashed in 2017.

*I guess her boo got the message of where to propose..heheheheheh

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