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How actor John Boyega's bodyguard assaulted and humiliated me - Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa has taken to her Instagram to narrate her personal experience with the people attached to Nigerian-British actor, John Boyega, who is currently visiting Lagos.

Anyone who knows me knows that it is not like me to go around bad mouthing establishments but what I experienced at crossroads last night leaves me no choice.

I went to have a drink with my best friend and as we walked in,we find a waiter to find us a  table.

The waiter walked us to an area where there was an empty with 2 chairs.

The table on our left was full,the table on the right was semi empty.

There was a young lady and a guy sat on it and as the waiter moved ahead to prepare the two seater table for us,the lady then  grabs the arm of the chair and says to him she's expecting some friends.

The same man was back again and this time he made a scene when he asked the Crossroads waiters not to serve Toke and her friend.

Surprisingly, all the waiters stood back. For two hours, they just sat until John Boyega arrived and was given a new table, then the bodyguard commanded the waiters to take Makinwa’s order.

Now, she has taken to her platform to share her story as well as to call out the establishment, Crossroads, for permitting such assault and humiliation.

“ I’m ashamed for the owners of Crossroads, this type of behaviour should not be allowed,” she wrote. “ Since you refused to take my order, I’m never coming back there again and I will use all my platforms to share my experience .”

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