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Former Mr. Nigeria, Kenneth Okolie reveal what marriage can't change about his body

When model turned actor , Kenneth Okolie, released some of his wedding pictures online, from the comment sections of some blogs, it was evident that he had unintentionally broken some hearts .

Some ladies who drooled over his body aired their minds .

Some went as far as pleading with the former second runner - up of Mr . World 2010 not to lose his ‘ lovely physique’ .

During a chat with Saturday Beats , the actor reassured his fans that marriage would not change his physique as he was a fitness enthusiast .

He said , “ Marriage is amazing and wonderful.

My diet has not changed even as a married man and I have always been a fitness enthusiast , it is part of my lifestyle.

A week cannot pass by without me visiting the gym to do at least a number of push- ups .

“ My wife knows this about me already ; I also try to encourage her to be a fitness enthusiast .

I eat regularly but I cannot get fat , the worst that can happen is that my belly would get big .

I won ’ t get fat , it is in my gene. When my belly seems big , I just head to the gym , so marriage cannot change my hot body . ”

The actor told Saturday Beats that he never dreamt of becoming an actor but had to venture into the world of make - believe because models were not treated with respect in Nigeria.

Okolie said , “ I have always had a passion for acting .

Even though I never dreamt of becoming an actor ; somehow , I found myself here .

I just gave acting a shot and after I tried it, I never looked back. I started as a model while I was in school in Ghana . The only stint I had with acting was in secondary school, when we had a stage play

“ Even though people liked it, I never saw it as a big deal until I came back to Nigeria for the Mr . Nigeria contest.

During the competition , I did a monologue and got a standing ovation for it. Since my flair for entertainment was still burning bright , I gave acting a shot .

“ I dumped modelling for acting because people do not value models in Nigeria. Models are not regarded in Nigeria; they just use us as hangers .

They don’ t respect us but internationally , models are a big deal because without the models , you cannot sell your product .

That is how they make the fame and money.

“ In Nigeria, a designer can pay you about N 10 , 000 to wear their product and that is it. There is no respect .

Even when I won Mr . Nigeria, there were some agencies and designers that made comments like, ‘ You are Mr . Nigeria, so what? Go and sit down . ’

“ When I saw that , I crossed over to acting and became popular . Now , those same guys are asking me to wear their clothes and that they would pay a lot of money.

They are now the ones begging me to endorse their product . The truth is that I did not model for a long while in Nigeria because of all this nonsense .

The disrespect really angered me , so I faced acting . 

 Iwas only fulfilled as a model when I did it outside Nigeria because the respect was there.

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