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Donald Trump refers to Africans as people from sh*thole countries

President Trump is under fire again for lamenting the immigration status of some countries in the temporary protected status and saying they are from shi*thole countries. .

He made this statement during immigration negotiations on Thursday with lawmakers in the Oval Office, according to CNN .

He allegedly said: “Why are we having all these people from s---hole countries come here?” .

The president was referring to people from Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and African countries in the temporary protected status program, a source in the meeting told Fox News. .

About a dozen people, both Republicans and Democrats, were in the room at the time he made this statement. And according to a source, a lot of them gasped at Trump's statement. .

The president also suggested the United States should admit more people from countries like Norway instead of people from the sh*thole countries. .

Trump had met with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg and held a news conference with her Wednesday. In a statement, the White House did not deny Trump made the comments.

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