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50 cent calls out Nigerian man, telling him to mind his business

Celebrities these days have found away to improve their clap back game. 
Not everyone can swallow all that is thrown at them on social media and just recently, international musician, 50cent showed he wasn't have anything bad said about his parenting.
A Nigerian social media user named Brightmuze must have pulled a nerve when he asked 50cent about his son, in response, the artist warned him to steer clear off his business.
In a post which he shared the photo of the man, 50cent said: 
"This guy just asked why I️ only show 1 son, because l only have a relation ship with 1, but why do he want to know? I️ don’t give a fvck about them dirty as* kids on his page.
 Man keep ya strong as* nose out my business. #denofthieves"

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