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Why I’m hard on Project Fame’s contestants – Uncle Ben

Singers who have passed through the MTN Project Fame reality show will not forget the no -nonsense approach of Ben Ogbeiwi , popularly known as Uncle Ben , at the academy in a hurry.

As one of the coaches of the reality show , he hardly shows mercy or smiles while scolding contestants.

In an encounter with Sunday Scoop, he said he didn ’t see anything wrong with his style and he wasn ’ t ready to change it .

He said, “Learning about music is serious education .

I am sure you once had a teacher who was mean to you ; do you still remember him ? I am sure you do .

I didn ’t learn in a mediocre style . A lot of people want to be praised for what they didn ’t achieve .

I won ’t allow that . If dignity is not in the industry, there is no way we will have any form of credibility. If you don’ t learn properly, there is no way you can excel.

If people think I am mean because I am trying to teach my students, it is okay .

But regardless of what people say , I will not change my style . Every time I say I want to leave Project Fame , they beg me to stay. ”

Next year , Uncle Ben said he would unveil his academy where he would teach singers how to be the best they can be .

He said , “Adults are the most difficult people to train , unlike children. When you are young , you are flexible and ready to learn new things . I prefer working with children.”

Speaking on why winners of reality shows struggle in the real world , he insisted that people had not been fair to them.

He stated , “Musicians who didn ’t get into the music industry via competitions find it easy to relate to DJs , OAPs , and bloggers. But for those who won competitions , it is a different story .

People are always after the money they collected from the reality shows because they want to take their share .”

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