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Why I am Nollywood's Richest Boy - Bolanle Ninlowo

Fast rising Nollywood star, Bolanle Ninolowo, better known as Nino has reveal, why he is been referred to as Nollywood Richest Boy.

In a recent chat, the Lagos state born, said, "I don't know what a big boy mean, I am just a comfortable person. I am thankful to God and I'm contented with what God has given me.

so about been rich, not in papers, or anything material. but the number of lives of I have been able to touch through my talent and God's divine grace.

I believe how well I have been able to inspire other people is what makes me rich". On how he feels been one of the reigning actors in the industry presently, "I feel blessed, I feel elated. I feel great, I am thankful to God for that.

That's my goal, my goal in anything I do is to be a knowledge, to be recognized. I am always learning and wanting to do better than my yesterday. I love to out do my past".

He also hinted on growing up and coming up as an actor, "Of course yes, I was born and raised in Chicago. Ever since I have been in America, I always knew I'd go to Nigeria, because there's something I need to do.

I needed to discover myself. I wanted to know what my calling was, it's not been easy, it's been a long journey, but then, nobody promises it was going to be a long journey. still I am grateful to God for his Grace".

After a 15-year sojourn abroad, which includes academic exploits, Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo;

returned home to ply his trade. The graduate of Accounting and Marketing, who is being touted as the next best thing a brand ambassador.

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