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Ugochinyere Vitus Corner: The Lost Path

Lovely Poem written by Ugochinyere Vitus: 

I lead my path, so deep, so wide, and I aim at it like a wild cat

I had plans, should I call it dreams, it looks so real

But a dream that looks so real, caused me so much pain and struggle 

And when I reach at the top of the so called dream, something felt missing, I lost my fulfillment 

Like I went for something that was never meant

Now I live, like using my human power to protect what is given to me by God

Now I understand these words, many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord purpose that prevails. 

So it is the lords purpose, and not mine, and I was foolishly searching for gold in a lost mile 

He brought me to this life to fulfill his purpose, and not searching for my lost, which I call purpose 

Do I chose a path that interest me, or do I live in his path that impress him?

A question to all great dreamers, cos' the way i see it, all dreams are not dream

In the path of a real dream, comes with pain and smile with a great hope

If you reach a dream, but not living in the dream, I call it fatancy 

What do you call purpose, when it has nothing to invest in a soul.

In a path I chose, I keep searching in the path that I chose, don't you think that's a lost path?

Not every path is a chosen right path, even though it's a path

Like you feature but not a cast, cos' you choose yourself to be feature but not a part of the cast

A lost path is what I call, an existing life and not a living life

I believe we are not born into this world by ourselves 

Someone planted us to grow, but to grow what?

His ideal purpose, you can fulfill purpose, when you are in him and stay focus

His the path, off his track, you struck behind, I believe you don't want to live and still hide.

"If you push hard through life, you will get to a point that you will get tired and decide to take what life gives you ".



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