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So Far, I’ve Not Had Sex This Year, Orezi

While it may be hard to believe, Esegine Allen , aka Orezi, has opened up that he has not had sex this year and he doesn’ t plan to do so anytime soon .

I am not in a relationship at the moment because I have yet to meet a lady I like.

I have been single for about a year now and I have not had sex with any woman since I ’m not dating anyone .

But I must admit that it is not always easy to stay away from women because they compliment us.”

According to him , his focus now is how he can be a better musician .

He stated , “ If you are not successful , women will not come after you . I am aware that I must get married someday, but I don’t know when because I must plan things well .

No doubt , there is pressure from my father and mother , but I believe it will happen at the right time .

“ Inasmuch as we have promiscuous women in Nigeria, I believe we have the good ones too .

But the truth is everyone cannot be good .

Even in the Bible, we have good and bad people . In the church too , we have bad and good women .”

Orezi, who has never hidden his admiration for American superstar , Rihanna , said he would love to meet her someday.

“ I have yet to meet Rihanna . The last time I thought I met her was in my dream. Something interrupted the dream and I woke up .

“ I admire everything about her. Apart from being a pretty woman , she is a goal getter and she has achieved so much in life at a very young age .

She ventured into cosmetics this year and she is doing well .

I just admire her as an artiste and individual .”

Admitting that he has not been able to meet his goals this year , he said he was excited that he became a solo artiste .

He explained, “This year is better for me because I am now my own CEO , which is a big progress .

Though I have been doing things on my own , I plan to unveil my record company in January.

So far , I have released three singles and they are all doing well . The recent song I released two months ago was Halleluyah .

I didn ’t exactly meet all my goals this year , but I still give thanks to God .”

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