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Sheyi Shay Goes Pantless and Braless

Controversial music star, Sheyi Shay, popular with a few hit singles and her inconsistent fashion choices has hit the news once again only this time she’s putting all her wares on display in a sheer outfit.

Yeah, we know she is used to baring a lot of cleavage while performing but this one is simply off the hook.

The award winning star dined in a quarter to nude look at TAO, wearing a no lining figure hugging blue-black number by Sukeina in New York City.

While fashion may love the ones with guts and gusto to go all out, scoring great notes in style may be by far one of the easiest ways to staying relevant in this cut throat business of entertainment.

Sheyi’s look doesn’t bring to question if she has good taste or a total lapse of it because the last time we checked, her brand was going through a major overhaul that painted her as a Classic.

That said all this garment needed was a good lining and keeping it timeless as a little black dress, not a little blue-black number. Oh yes did you spot her actual bottoms… in red?

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