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P Diddy Still Top As The Highest Earning Musician For 2017

Despite not releasing an album in 2017, Sean Combs aka Diddy aka Puff Daddyaka Brother Love is Forbes‘ highest earning musician for the year.

Diddy raked in a whopping sum of $130 million pretax this year, with the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, his Ciroc vodka deal, and the sale of one-third of his Sean John clothing line for an estimated $70 million boosting his earnings.

Second on the list is Queen Bey, Beyonce, who with her “Formation World Tour” pulled in a total of $105 million pre-tax.

Rounding up the top 3 is rapper and singer Drake with $94 million, a lot of it from his tour, the “Boy Meets World Tour.”

See the top 10 highest earning musicians below:

1.Diddy – $130 million.

2. Beyonce – $105 million.

3. Drake – $94 million.

4. The Weeknd – $92 million.

5. Coldplay – $88 million.

6. Guns N’ Roses – $84 million.

7. Justin Bieber – $83.5 million.

8. Bruce Springsteen – $75 million.

9. Adele – $69 million.

10. Metallica – $66.5 million.

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