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My wife love to watch me kiss in movies - Antar Laniyan

Actor and movie director , Antar Laniyan , has opened up that he will forever be thankful to God for the wife God has given to him and to his career.

He explained further, “ I follow the guidance of a director ; I don’t just stand in front of the camera to say rubbish.

You cannot expect me to play a big man like a gateman .

One thing that has helped him in his career is the understanding of his wife . Laniyan maintained that his wife always encouraged him to be real while playing romantic scenes .

“ My wife knows who I am . Whenever I play a romantic role and I don’t do it well , she would criticise me . I get good support from her and it gives me the peace of mind to go any length while playing a romantic scene .

“My wife is a very shy person and she avoids the limelight . The only thing that can bring about a fight is when I don ’t remember her and the children at home .

But that will never happen because I am always with them at home .

I hardly go out ; I don’t go to parties. I just go to my office, home and locations .

Anytime I attend a function , she knows it is very important to me .”

I greatly appreciate her for understanding and support.

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