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‘Mad Over You’ gave me a new life- Runtown

Singer, Douglas Jack Agu, wouldn’t forget the year 2017 in a hurry.

According to him , it was the year his entire life started to change .

Even though the singer had other hit songs before putting out the song , Mad Over You , he said that song actually launched him to greater heights .

He told Sunday Scoop , “ Even while recording the song , I knew it would be a very big song .

But to be honest , I never thought that it would be as big as it eventually became .

Immediately after the song dropped , everything changed .

Everybody seemed to like the song , and it was played everywhere .

I started getting calls from all around the world to perform the song and people were very emotional about it .

All the songs I released after Mad Over You have also done very well , and the future looks even brighter .”

Gushing about his son , Zamar , Runtown said, “My son is one of the best things that have happened in my life .

His birth opened a new chapter in my life , and anytime I look at his face , I feel indescribable joy and excitement .”

On if he may be getting married to his baby mama , Selena Leath , anytime soon , the singer simply said , “ Nobody knows what the future holds, but right now , I ’ m concentrating on my career . ”

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