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Actress, Lizzy Anjorin Shares Her Bitter Story

Nollywood actress Liz Anjorin has left her fans and followers speechless after she began the story of her life a couple of days ago on Instagram.

The hard working Liz who is a single mother of a grown girl reveals how she was born into a great family but fell into hard times when her parents lost it all.

Sadly, she took to the streets with her poor mother, hustling to make ends meet. In the course of working at a local canteen, she was impregnated and somehow she thought it would be the end of her hard life.

Unknown to Liz, life had other plans for her as her baby daddy’s brother blatantly refused to welcome her into the family because of her status.

“My baby daddy died few months after I had my child” the actress revealed, adding that he never met the girl he had for him.

“It was a lonely and hard life as I lived from one place to the other… I left my baby at one year old and never saw her until she was ten” she said.

On why she never shows off her grown daughter like other celebs who have children, the business woman says her daughter has to become somebody and not just the child of somebody.

Although the actress is still developing the story, dropping it as it comes to her, from what she has shared so far, it is quite obvious that she lived a life of struggle but came out bright through it all!

Grass to grace stories abound with almost as all celebs but we must say that Liz Anjorin caught us off guard!

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