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I Made My Money Without My Father's Connection - Dj Cuppy

DJ Cuppy continues to endure intense criticisms from people who dismiss her body of work because of her pedigree.

When she rose to the spotlight in 2015, landing huge deals with international TV shows including

MTVs Uncommon Sense , and jobs with top organisations like Cosmopolitan’s #FunFearlessLife event , many people felt her father’s money oiled her way into those deals.

But Cuppy indeed worked zealously with international entities and even acts at home in Nigeria.

But no matter all she has been able to achieve in less than three years since she launched her career, people still talk smack at her.

Posting on Instagram today, the daughter of billionaire oil guru, Femi Otedola, revealed some of the unkind words she had received from people, like claims that she does not know what hustling is all about.

“Apparently, I don’t know what hustling is ,” the discjockey began in the sad post, adding, “I work so hard but this seems to be the general perception. What do you guys think?”

While many people urged her to ignore the negative criticisms, many others encouraged her to continue putting in her best in all that she does.

Perhaps, the most encouraging reaction came from iconic American radio presenter and television personality, Charlamagne tha god, who co-hosts the famous radio show, The Breakfast Club.

“The fact that you are creating your own lane and growing the brand of DJ Cuppy is proof of your hustle,” the radio host told Cuppy, adding, “Your father isn’t in the music/entertainment business.

What you are attempting to do money can’t buy. So it gotta be your hustle that got you here. Keep pushing my friend !”

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