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Burna Boy may make refunds for December shows

Before Damini Ogulu , popularly known as Burna Boy , reported himself to the police on Friday over his alleged involvement in an armed robbery attack on a fellow colleague , Mr. 2 Kay , the singer was in good stead made a lot of money during the festive season .

Due to the recent development , the pop sensation has had to spend the weekend in detention , and this will affect his lined up gigs .

Sunday Scoop learnt that after the development on Friday , show promoters who had booked the singer have been panicking .

Already , the singer who was supposed to have the maiden edition of his concert today had to cancel it due to his predicament .

When Sunday Scoop reached out to Burna Boy ’ s team on the fate of organisers who had booked him for shows, they said the issue at hand was a legal one and if there was need for him to refund money for shows which had been booked earlier in the year , he would gladly do so .

A source, who pleaded anonymity due to the nature of the case , told our correspondent, “ The police released a statement that he had been detained as no one is above the law.

Being detained doesn ’t mean he has been proven guilty of the crime .

A competent court of law will decide whether he is free to go home or remain in police custody on Monday .

“ This is a serious legal issue, even though Burna Boy is a big brand .

If he has been booked for shows, it won’t be a problem to refund money and tender an apology to the organisers.

And if he cannot hold his concert this December, it doesn ’t mean it cannot happen later .

The first thing for him to do is to prove his innocence and that is exactly what he wants to do,” the source said .

According to his team , it wasn ’t a deliberate effort for Burna Boy to upset the police as he holds the Nigerian Police in high regards .

“ He didn’ t look down on the Nigerian Police Force or the Lagos Commissioner of Police as people claim.

He was caught up in other businesses , which made it impossible to be available at that time .

He made it clear that he would come, which he did eventually .

No one forced him to come.

“ He was just being wise about everything .

The show could have gone on , but it was in the best interest of all the stakeholders to resolve this issue before doing any other thing,” the source added .

Meanwhile , it was learnt from a reliable source that as of Wednesday night, the tickets sold for Burna Boy ’s concert were not up to 100 .

This , according to our source, was the major factor that led to its cancellation as the promoters didn ’t want to run at a loss .

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