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Bobrisky Announces He is ‘Medically Transitioning Into a Woman’

Bobrisky has revealed that he has officially began to medically transition into a woman.

The socialite made this announcement today on his Instagram, in a post where he explained why his waist had begun to flare like a woman’s..

“I’m on a drug [which] is reducing my male hormones, ” said the crossdresser in his post, adding that it is why he is now developing a “ girlie, lovely shape .”

“I bought the drugs in the [United States of America] and it is working! That’s why you can see that my body is changing–the shape is changing, the waist is [flaring] out. ”

And then he went further to brag about his ‘billionaire’ bae who he wouldn’t trade for anyone.

This interesting update comes months after Bobrisky considered having a butt lift.

Apparently, he has chosen not to go under the knife but to transition just like Ila Adu, the child of famous singer, Sade Adu.

He reportedly suffered gender dysphoria, a condition where one psychologically and emotionally feels like the opposite of their biological sex.

Ila began her journey last year and has now successfully developed masculine features, including beard and hoarse voice.

He also went under the knife to remove his breasts.

We can’t wait to see how Bobrisky emerges after his transition

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