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Why I May Still Further My Studies - Actor, Odunlade Adekola

Actor, Odunlade Adekola, is one of the most popular faces in the Nigerian movie industry at the moment. Well loved by many, he has a cult following which cuts across all sections of society. Odunlade is an alumnus of the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, but a few years ago, he returned to school.

He was a student at the University of Lagos where he studied Business Administration until a few weeks ago when he sat for his final exams. The elated actor shared photos of himself and other students as they jubilated after the final exams. In a recent interview, Adekola spoke about his experience while at the school.

“It has been by the grace of God that I was able to conclude my education at the University of Lagos . Because of my profession, there were times that my schedule was so tight that I had to forgo one for the other. But I always had it at the back of my mind that I must finish what I started. I also thank my fellow students and lecturers for their support throughout my stay in the school. I really had a nice time there” he said.

Did he enjoy star treatment as a student ? Odunlade said , "I am a very simple person , and everyone around me knows that. I just like to do my thing and mind my business . As a popular person, there were times that fans gushed over me while I was in school , but I always tried my best to manage the attention so that it wouldn ’t distract me or other students .

“I always encouraged my colleagues to see me as one of them and I related with all of them well . The lecturers were also nice to me and I had a cordial relationship with them all .”
Stating the reason he chose to study Business Administration, Adekola said, "I have always had the dream of owning my company. I love to manage people to achieve set goals, and I believe that this course would help me in that regard".

On what his next move is in academics , the actor added,“Knowledge gathering is a continuous process; it never stops. One should never stop learning because you can never know it all. I may decide to return to school to study another course . I don't know what the future holds. I am interested in constantly developing myself and that has been of great advantage to me.”

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