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To Me Love Does Not Exists- Lola Ajibola

Nollywood actress, Lola Ajibola says she does not believe in love because men are generally heart breakers.
Some ladies can fall head over heels for one man, but beautiful Yoruba actress and producer, Lola Ajibola, keeps more than one man at a time, and she is bold about her decision.
Her choice to juggle lovers stems from the fact that she has stopped believing in love and does not want to be heartbroken.
The actress, who has lost complete faith in love, declared in a recent interview; "my heart has been broken so many times. Love is wicked and it is a very dangerous game. Good luck to those in love. For me, I don’t love".
She accused men of generally being heart breakers. "So it is better to love two men, so that if one disappoints, there is always a backup plan.
When asked if it was possible for a woman to love two men at the same time, she said: "It is possible".
What do you think? Do you believe in love?

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