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‘One People One World’ Femi Kuti Set to Drop His 10th Album

Billboard is reporting that Femi Kuti has announced that his 10th album, One People One World, will be released Febuary 23 via Knitting Factory Records.

And to kick things off, the iconic singer has released the title track from the forthcoming album which can be heard.

Here’s what the music website says of the track:
“The song, with its call to set aside differences and work towards a more peaceful world, is one that closely follows his own vocation as an activist; Kuti serves as a spokesperson for UNICEF advocating for children’s rights, and is a promoter of HIV/AIDS prevention and education.

He and his band, Positive Force, recorded much of the album in Lagos.”

Speaking with Billboard in an email, the iconic singer said, “I hope this album brings joy, love, equal opportunity, justice, peace, understanding and togetherness to the world.”

Check out the song “One People One World,” as well as the album’s tracklist, below:

1. “Africa Will Be Great Again”
2. “Best To Live on the Good Side”
3. “One People One World”
4. “Na Their Way Be That”
5. “How Many”
6. “Evil People”
7. “Equal Opportunity”
8. “E Get As E Be”
9. “Corruption Na Stealing”
10. “Dem Don Come Again”
11. “Dem Militarize Democracy”
12. “The Way Our Lives Go (Rise and Shine)”

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