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Leaked Nude Photos: I'm innocent!- Regina Daniels cries out

The Sex for movie role, leaked nude photos and blackmail allegations against teen actress, Regina Daniels started this morning. The whole drama seems quite messy but Regina is insisting she's innocent.



Read how it all started below.....

See Regina's reply......

"  Hello  fam..... i usually don't reply to this kinda stuffs but I have to. I have said it countless times that I am not on Facebook. And as for the instagram DM....that I dunno either...the truecaller, anyone can register  a sim with my name. But can I ask a question to the victim... can u show me the reply of the so-called Regina u sent a DM to on instagram ? 
All this is new to me... have never heard of Amanda chisom before... so Biko oooo it's not Regina thank you.  Besides why will a young girl send out nude pictures.... ???  "

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