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I'm still looking for a man for marriage- Chinney Love, Filmmaker

Nollywood actress, turned filmmaker, Chinney Love Eze is undoubtedly, one of the youngest successful movie producers in Nigeria.

At 29, Chinney, has produced over 20 movies and still counting, but just like every other human, the Anambra state indigene has some unfulfilled wishes about marriage.


"In life I won't say I have regrets, I see it all as a path one has to take to get to a certain position. But I just wished I had gotten married before now. Although, I have had my own fair share of heartbreaks and I cried to my satisfaction, then I got over it, I believe it all happened for a reason.

For everyone I have met in life, I believe its for a purpose. I take the positive parts and keep going.

Well, looking at it from another angle, maybe, if I had gotten married before now, I won't be where i am today," she told Inside Nollywood.

When asked about her present relationship status, the Hire A Man producer said she is presently single and not in any relationship but waiting on God's choice.

"Yes, I'm single but I won't say I'm ready to mingle, rather I'm waiting on God's time and His choice for me.  I haven't seen my kind of man for marriage.

I want someone who respects people genuinely, loves God and have big dreams and ambitions.

I want to get married to my own husband, because I'm not of the school of thoughts that believe in divorce, no matter what."

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