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How Davido's boys beat up Wizkid in Dubia (Photos)

Aftermath of the Chaos in Dubai that saw Wizkid and Davido's team clash violently, and Wizkid allegedly punched by a member of Davido's team, comedian Seyi Law has wadded into the crisis.


The popular comedian, voiced his opinion through an Instagram post where he reminded them that death is a price all must pay and humility is a virtue.
He wrote: "Our lives are nothing, but the memories we create. Your celebrity status or starboyism is only a perception. 
Whether you're the best or the worst, not everyone will agree.
Don't start hatred neither should you fan the fire of hate.
Someday, our bodies will end up six feet below.
Just above it, our memories will live fading with time.
Sheathe your swords and embrace PEACE.
Build legacies and write your names as legends.
Don't die prematurely for people's obsessions. 
Both of you are doing awesomely well, don't stop.
Bless You.



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