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Five Music Stars Who Have Suffered Menace Of The Nigerian Police

Unfortunately, in these parts some of these celebrities have ended up either being brutalized or harassed by law officers who sometimes had to be reprimanded after recognizing the status of these guys.
We take a look at five celebrities who have been harassed by police officers.

1. Tillaman

Tillaman is the most recent of celebrities to have gone through some really horrible times with the Nigerian Police Force. Tillaman was stopped on his way from his construction site in October 2017 and according to the musician, he wasn't even asked to properly identify himself before he was rough-handled by the police officers. Tillaman had to introduce himself as the son to the Alaafin of Oyo before he was let go.

2. African China

On February 7th, 2017, African China shared a video of a policeman threatening to shoot him while leaving the set of Sound Sultan's music video in Ajegunle, a suburb of Lagos. According to him, he had gone to shoot a video with Sound Sultan in the area and was accosted by the "Area Boys" in the area who wanted some money. After giving them the money, a fight broke out and an attempt to escape from the scene, a police officer came out of nowhere threatening to shoot him. The matter was resolved after he introduced himself to the officers.

3. 2shotz

In the case of rapper, 2shotz, he was harassed and even spent a night with men of the Langbasa Division of the Nigeria Police Force in 2015. According to him, he was arrested for no reason, even after trying to explain his identity to the policemen he was still dragged into the police station where he was detained.

4. Vector

Vector's case might have been a case of a legal tussle when he had issues with his former record label, YSG, but the rapper revealed he was harassed by men of the Nigeria Police Force on two different occasions. According to him, on the second occasion of his arrest, he was with the police from 3 pm to 10 pm.

5. May D

Well May D didn't see it coming when he was allegedly harassed by men of the Nigeria Police Force attached to the Ikeja City Mall. The incident which took place in 2015 occurred while the singer was riding on a hoverboard. According to him, they accused him of wrongly riding the hoverboard on the premise of the mall. He also claimed that a tear gas was used on him, and a gun was pointed at him also.


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