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Fathia Balogun taking the bull by the horn

Actress, Faithia Williams, seems to have taken the bull by the horn, as the beautiful mother of two recently dropped her ex-husband, Saidi Balogun’s name following the crash of their marriage.

Fathia recently said one of the most challenging moments of her life was when her marriage packed off.

Having been married twice, she said she is coming to terms with the fact that marriage for her, is a no go area, as she has failed at every attempt towards starting a family. “Everything in Life is about luck.

When I was growing up, the first thing that came to my mind was to have a glamorous wedding; a white wedding with my 9-5 husband, two kids and everything.

But if you go into one and it didn’t work out and you went into the second one and it didn’t work, that means marriage luck is not by your side.

I think I am one of those ones that marriage luck is not on their side”. She said. When asked whose fault it was that led to the crash of her previous marriages, the talented and passionate actress and movie producer said, as much as she doesn’t want to blame anyone, she believes she also made one or two mistakes.

She hinted on their alleged makeup saying, “I don’t want to fault anybody.

I have my own faults, they have their own faults but I think from my own faults, I adjusted myself, my lifestyle. I adjusted everything around me”. We are not officially divorced.

The case is still in court and I will say we are not officially divorced since it is still in court’. Faithia debunked rumors that they are back together.

According to her ‘We are friends. I have two kids for him so once in a while we say hello or something. We are good friends”. On the possibility that they would get back together, Faithia said ‘I don’t know”.

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