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Fashion "2018 Collection Titled Quiet Storm" For The Ladies

Quiet Storm, the name of Nigerian-Austrian fashion brand Fulani’s spring/summer collection 2018, is also a sub-genre of Rn’B music that is characterized by mellow dynamics, slow tempos and relaxed rhythms.


Lavender, lemon-yellow and geometrical prints are dominating this unique collection.

Couture gowns are made of chiffon and silk, ready to rock the red carpet.

Party and cocktail outfits designed f or any occasion and mood.

Casual blouses, skirts and pants with a touch of sexy made of viscose, cotton and jersey, for your everyday styling.

The various pieces have different names which includes: Agata, Olasupo, Anita, Anna and Dany, Anna and Ola, Anna and Sande, Barbs and Ola, Barbs and Sande, Candace, Dimi, Jeli and Dany, Jeli and Sande, Jowy, Lauraa, Masee, Mirimo, Omatu, Quiet and Storm.

Designer and singer Omatu, who also got inspired by Young M.A’s song “Quiet Storm” is back after a quiet season, ready to conquer the fashion industry like an unstoppable storm!

“Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell was the first to wear an haute couture gown from the #QuietStormCollection at the Women of the year Gala in Vienna were she received her lifetime achievement award.

The American fashion icon as well told the press she felt like a princess in her Fulani gown. “Don’t try to find Mr.Big , be Mr.Big! “ were very inspiring words for #omatufulani, when both of them had a chat.

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