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Exclusive! How 50 Cents feeds on people's misfortune- OAP, Tisan Bako reveals

Days ago, there was a little fracas between international music star, 50 Cents and Nigerian On Air Personality, Tisan Bako of Raypowers.
The drama started on Instagram when  50 Cents shared a video of his new BET show ’50 Central’. While most fans hailed him for it, few people were not thrilled any bit because his show made the TV Station drop Being Maryjane owned by Gabriella Union.

Among these unexcited people were Nigerian OAP, Tisan Bako of Ray Power Fm.

He tells Goldenpearlmedia more about what triggered the Instagram Faceoff.

He said: "Fifty cent had posted on instagram saying stuff about a show that competes with his. Then Gabrielle union replied him. They had a small argument on instagram.
Later he moved to BET and then they cancelled being Mary Jane. Which is Gabrielle union's show on BET. 
Anyway now 50cent has a new show on BET called 50central. I have watched it and it wasn't that nice. And his presentation was wack.
So later, he posted an advert for the show.
That was when I commented and he clapped and I clapped back."

When asked if he really felt surprised at 50Cents swift response, the Radio big boy said he never expected less.

"Noo I wasn't surprised at all. I mean if I've been following 50cent you would know he is very petty. He feeds off of people's misfortune. Look at how me mocked Wendy Williams when she had that health scare on Halloween day on her show.  I know Wendy could be Wendy and he might not like her due to some things she probably might have said about him on her show, but that's not enough to laugh at her almost near death experience. This is something that could happen to anyone 50cent not excluded. Recently he was also mocking tyrese who was fighting to custody of his daughter.
Tisan wasn't done with his criticism of 50 cents, he vows to do it all over again if the need arises.
" Well, I ddnt hit on him but I will always say the truth, even if it concerns him. And truth be told, he knows what I'm saying is true that was why he responded. Truth hurts sometimes"

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