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Ask Chichi: He wants sex to survive, should I give him?

Welcome to our weekly column (Saturdays) titled Ask Chichi, its an avenue for young ones going through difficulties in their relationships to air it out. It's all about love, sex and life. Don't forget: A problem shared is half solved!
Should I go for the 5th abortion?
Dear Chichi,
Please I need your advice. I have aborted 4 times for my current boyfriend and now I am pregnant again and he still wants me to abort it. I am confused. Please tell me what to do. I love him but am scared.
Mary, Lagos
Dear Mary,
You are really in a mess dearie. Four abortions already for your current boyfriend? How many for your Exs? Com’on, how long are you going to keep shedding innocent bloods and risking your life in the process? How many kids do you intend having in life as four or more of them have already been brutally terminated. The same guy might still dump you for another fresh girl when time for commitment comes. Worse still, if anything happen to you, I bet you, he would gladly come to your burial with another girl resting on his shoulder.
I would suggest you insist on keeping the pregnancy, let that baby live. Your life is at stake here, you have perforated your womb enough. Keep that child and you’d never regret it. Choose between being a happy single mother or frustrated dead lady. If he has future plans, this is the best time to know it, let him take the right steps NOW!
Small boys won’t let me rest
Dear Chichi,
I am a young lady of 16 years, still in secondary school. Guys have been disturbing me but I always tell them I will only go into a relationship when I'm through with school. But they always tag me as been stubborn and also taking people for granted. And that makes me feel bad. What should I do?
Bimbo, Lagos.
Dear Bimbo,
That was a good one my dear. Let them tag you whatsoever they want to, but that shouldn't bother you. Your education, pride and dignity as woman should be your priority. Mind you, you are still very young to start frolicking with men in the name of relationship. I'm sure you don't want anything that will destroy that bright future you've got. So stay focused and careless about men. But don’t act arrogant, egocentric or disrespectful to any of guy that woos you to avoid planning evil against you. Tell them ‘No’ calmly in a way they won’t feel offended.

He is denying me of sex
Dear Chichi,
I have been dating a guy for two years now. And he has not asked me to lay with him before. All he does is to play with me; romance, fondles, kisses and their likes. , each time I ask him for sex he always has one excuses or the other. I am tired. What do I do?
Jennifer, Asaba.
Dear Jennifer,
Ironically, what should be your man's worry turned yours. Is sex a yardstick for measuring how much a man loves his woman? The answer is capital NO. Don’t get it twisted, maybe he has lots of respect for you and also believes in the sacredness of marriage and sex. Don’t push him further, he has his reasons. I bet he also has better plans for you; good home and wonderful union.

My childhood love is back in my life
Dear chichi,
I really appreciate your good works and counselling. May the Lord Almighty continue to bless and protect you (Amen). I have been dating this guy for 4years now and we love each other so dearly.  But recently, I made a huge mistake by accepting my childhood love back.
Now he (my childhood love), is complaining that I am not caring any more and I have also made up my mind to love and care for my new boyfriend. I am in a fix, please, what can I do?
Justina, Shagamu.

Dear Justina,
The ball is in your court. It is good you have accepted you made a mistake. So it also left for you to correct that mistake and move on with your life.
You can call off the relationship with yourchildhood lover same way you accepted it. Try and tell him you have long moved on with your life, I bet he would understand. Because no sane man would want to be saddled with a woman who doesn't love him enough.  Instead of literally putting your two hands in your mouth, why not just concentrate on your new found love and be happy.
 He needs sex to survive, should I give him?
Dear Chichi,
I am 21-years old.  I have been in a relationship for 2-years plus. When we started, I told my boyfriend that we should not get sex involved in our relationship and he agreed. But recently he has been having some stomach pains often and on. His doctor told him that only sex can stop his stomach pains. Please what can I do? I don’t want to lose him because I love him very much.
Precious, Lagos.
Dear Precious,
I really commend your chastity by insisting on not giving in to his sexual advances. I’m not a Doctor, but I haven’t heard of men suffering from stomach pains because of lack of sex. If so, how about the priests and monks? Please, make sure you are very ready before giving in to his sexual demands. Don’t let his excuse make you do something you’d regret for life. Be cautious!

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