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Your future husband, uncle, father, might be in prison'- Destiny Amaka cries out for help

Actress cum OAP, Destiny Amaka, has cried out to every good Nigerian with a good heart to come to the aid of some of the innocent prisoners she encountered recently.

The Cool FM big girl was at Medium security Kirikiri Prison Apapa Lagos
Last week and had a life changing and emotional experience.

She shared her thoughts via Instagram:  'These guys are the choir members of the prison all with heart wrenching stories. Some have served six years or more and are still awaiting a court date. Others are doing time for crimes they didn't commit but who will listen or take the case?
Not everyone here is a criminal but bad stigma often means family members and friends abandon them. Some lie and say they are abroad and if they are released then were do they go? What do they do? There is no rehabilitation centre for them. One person can not do it all.
There so much to do on this earth! I cried so hard I was embarrassed because truth is that could be your brother uncle husband or father but then who will listen to them."
Destiny also beckoned on those with good hearts to come and help out in restoring the freedom of some Innocent inmates.

"If by any chance your looking for were to spend your money these grounds are fertile grounds and heaven will remember you! There is so much work to do guys but the labourers are few. You can call the assistant PRO Chinenye DM me for number and ask for a list of inmates that are unable to pay small or big fines for minor to no crimes who are still in there months and years cus they don't have N20k, N5k, N60 and so forth. Also donations for health and equipment for training and so so much more just call her and ask her how can you asist, she will be brutally honest with you.  #IDontWantToSlayWithoutPurpose
#ThankYou To #Lamborghini for this experience #purpose #medium #security #prison #nigeria #TheresWorkToDo #life #hope #wisdom #africa #men #the #future #amakisskiss #GodBlessYou."

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