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All you must know about Bobrisky - Victoria Inyama makes shocking revelations

Victoria Inyama-Okri was a popular face in Nollywood before she relocated to the United Kingdom after her marriage into the family of foremost literary personality and author of The Famished Road, Ben Okri.


She assures Goldenpearlmedia that despite living in diaspora, that she hasn't missed out as an actress.
"Well, the fact that I don't live in Nigeria anymore doesn't mean that I have missed a lot in the entertainment world.  2017, so far I'm so grateful for everything. I feature in a movie every now and then. Acting is still my passion, but although I may not be a full time actress, I still try to give my best, whenever I get a good script.
To be honest I have not missed out on anything. We grow and evolve. As a Nigerian actress in diaspora, I'm doing just fine."

When asked about her stand of this gay trend and what she knows about Bobrisky, Mrs. Okri said ''My say on the homosexuality trend is that everyone has the right to live their lives the way they deem fit and suitable as long as they don't harm anyone. As a psychology student, I simply cannot judge anyone by what ever choices they make. Respect in diversity so we can all live in peace.

As for Bobrisky, I see a very tough person who can't be bothered on how you feel about him, I admire his strength. He's chosen his path and is living it."

Victoria who is a mother of three, now lives in London with her family.


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