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GPM Interview: Why actresses face domestic violence- Yemi Blaq

For a while now the issue of domestic violence has become a social trend and as well credited to have destroyed the homes of some notable Nollywood actress. The likes of Tonto Dikeh, Mercy Aigbe and even more.

Goldenpearlmedia met with Yemi Blaq, a popular actor who wadded into the situation, giving his own piece of advice to actress who find themselves in such unpleasant relationship.

ear him: "Domestic Violence can be identified early. Once you see that a man pose that trait, just take a walk. Don't bear it or try to change him, it might get worse.
Well, people would ask 'what if the actresses are the ones instigating the violence? Yes, we all know women are prone to such things that could provoke a man to raise his hands on them. Most times, it's not easy to swallow but that's not an excuse at all. A man should always be a man and know where to draw the line. Be responsible and take a walk from that situation too."

When Yemi was reminded of the general belief that Nigerian actresses are prone to infidelity, the soft spoken, movie star disagreed with such assumptions.

"I do not know a group of people called celebrities. But i know as individuals, one can be prone to all sorts of things. I think being in front of the camera, be it as a singer or actor exposes you to all sorts of exposure. You know what i mean. But it all depends on what you want for your life and how you want it go.

As an actor, i have found myself in some compromising situations, but its not necessarily about me being an actor, every other person or persons can as well find him or herself in such delimma too, but the main issue is how you deal with it afterwards. How you handle the situation and walk away.
For me, i always act differently in all of such situations, because they are not alike. I just majorly put on my Trainers and walk away as fast as i can."

On how he deals with some excessively stubborn fans who wouldn't let him be at public places, Yemi maintainrd that he is always equal to the task.

"Well, at some point, stubbornness is a good trait in human beings and i am also a stubborn person, so i know how to handle those kind of female fans when they come my way," he added.

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