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Anambra Elections: Dr Chris Okafor Under Pressure From CIA To Run

A group of Concerned Indigenes of Anambra have called on Dr. Chris Okafor to contest the Governorship elections in Anambra State.

Dr. Chris Okafor is the General Overseer of the Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries, a.k.a Liberation City. The popular preacher who is known for his unrivaled prophetic accuracy and point-blankness on National Issues, has by his prophecies elevated many politicians to the seats of power. He is currently the personal spiritual adviser to scores of Nigerian State Governors, Senators, Ministers, and presidents in numerous countries around the world.


The group, Concerned Indigenes of Anambra (CIA) disclosed that they had been on his tale for a little over one year, persuading him to run in the 2017 Gubernatorial Elections in Anambra State, as his candidacy, according to them, was bound to transform Anambra for good. The group lamented their frustration in getting Dr. Okafor to see through their reasoning, wondering why he feels too comfortable being just a pastor while his homeland suffers from gross leadership deficits.

CIA insists that Dr. Okafor's visionary leadership and extreme prophetic endowments are some of the rare qualifications that stand him out from the crowd. They believe that men of God like Dr. Chris Okafor should stop shying away from politics and start getting involved in political leadership. CIA believes that Dr. Okafor's attitude is the reason criminals have invaded the seat of power all over Nigeria. They claimed that if Bishop Mike Okonkwo wasn't as old, that they would've approached him as well. According to the CIA leadership "we are tired of politicians, not only in Anambra but in the whole Igbo Land. We need men of God who are seasoned, tested and trusted to come and take over power. They don't have to have experience. We will back them up. We know how to mobilize the people. I wish Dr. Chris would listen to us. There is a ticket waiting for him. Anambrarians will be too blessed to have him as our Governor"

Whether Dr. Okafor will honor the CIA with a response is topic for another day, but CIA has vowed to increase their pressure on Dr. Okafor until somehow they're able to make a politician out of the fiery preacher.

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