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What Pete Edochie thinks about my Anambra State governorship ambition- Yul Edochie

Few weeks ago, when Nollywood hunk, Yul Edochie, announced his intentions to run for the forth coming Anambra State gubernatorial elections, the news greeted his fans with shock.
While some presumed that the popular movie star who took after his father, Pete Edochie could only be joking or perhaps trying to promote a new movie, Yul has maintained that he is indeed ready for the mantle of leadership as his father gave his full support.

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"Yes my father, Pete Edochie, my mother, sibling and even my wife gave me their full supports. So, i'm ready for the task ahead.

I'm not too young at all. I don't see any limitations in my life. The current president of France is 39. Emir of Qatar is 35. The western world have realized the urgent need to fix the problems of the people and that urgent need must be met by young, vibrant, intelligent and decisive leaders.
Public office shouldn't be a retirement place. And for me politics is not and shouldn't be a do or die affair. I believe God has destined for me to win, if God changes his mind and gives it someone else, i'll congratulate him and offer myself in any capacity I can function to fix the people's problems. We all want a good life for the masses," he told GOLDENPEARLMEDIA via a telephone chat.

When he was further asked if he has been threatened by any opposition party to back down in his quest in Anambra state, the Royal Castle star actor said he has never faced any objection since he made his intentions known to the public.

"I haven't received threat of any sort. After all, i mean well for my people. What prompted my decision to run for Anambra Governorship is the poor condition of the masses. People are dying of poverty, starvation and politicians do not care. All they do is steal money that they do not even need. The people's money. Becoming a Governor for me is my own way of giving back to the people. Liberating the people, i want to give the masses the good life they deserve and have been denied of.

For me governance should be about fixing the people's problems, giving them a good life, eradicating poverty, anything short of this is a failed government," he assured.

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