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Mercy Johnson, Ramsey Nouah, inspire me- Adedoyin Akande, budding actress

Adedoyin Akande, the beautiful graduate of Business and HRM of Birmingham City University is ready to take the bull by the horn to achieve her goals of a being a successful actress.

Morenike, the Caged Movie star, played the lead character in Broken, as an innocent young girl violated by her father, a movie produced by her mother, Bola Akande.

She tells GOLDEPEARLMEDIA, how challenging the script was for her to interpret.

According to her: "The role in played in 'Broken' was quite challenging. It was my first time shooting in Nigeria and adjusting to the heat and getting a good enough Nigerian accent were my biggest worries.

Getting the emotions part of the role correct was also something that was challenging.

For a lot of people going through that it's their life so i wanted to do my best to capture the right emotion," she narrated.

Ms Akande, noted that her skills and rare talents makes fans mistake her for super star, Mercy Johnson but she as well admire Ramsey Nouah's arts.

"It's so funny, a lot of people say I look like Mercy Johnson. I personally don't see it. But I love her acting, it's easy it's smooth, it's natural. So I'd say she's my favorite. She's pretty.

For the male celebrities, I don't really know many of them. From when I lived in Nigeria, Ramsey Noah was popping and like the most famous one, although I don't really see him in movies anymore. But I'll say he's still my favorite," she added.

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