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“God will not afflict me with a sickness that will gulp 800K daily” – Halima Abubakar debunks new reports

Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar (who is presently not in a good state as far as health is concerned) is angry at the media for wishing her evil.

The actress in a new post has debunked the circulating reports that she gulps about a million Naira daily to remain alive.
According to the reports headlined by a foremost soft sell magazine Global Excellence, the actress’ current state is so critical that on medical treatment alone, about 800K goes down while 200K goes down for other miscellaneous costs.
It was also reported that the First Lady of Halima’s state has been footing the bill since the issue started.

The actress in her reaction says that God will not give her a sickness that will make her spend such an outrageous amount daily.
She begs the media to be a bit sensitive to her plight and let her rest. She added that posts like this always push her to use her phone and respond.
She informs all that she will be fine and she also used the medium to thank some actors who stopped by at her place to check up on her.
Read the report below.....


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