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Re: Dear Chichi: Should I go for the 5th ab0rtion?

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Now my response......

Dear Mary,
You are really in a mess dearie. Four abortions already for your current boyfriend? How many for your Exs?

 Com’on, how long are you going to keep shedding innocent bloods and risking your life in the process? 

How many kids do you intend having in life as four or more of them have already been brutally terminated. 

The same guy might still dump you for another fresh girl when time for commitment comes. Worse still, if anything happen to you, I bet you, he would gladly come to your burial with another girl resting on his shoulder.

I would suggest you insist on keeping the pregnancy, let that baby live. Your life is at stake here, you have perforated your womb enough. 

Keep that child and you’d never regret it. Choose between being a happy single mother or frustrated dead lady. If he has future plans, this is the best time to know it, let him take the right steps NOW! Thank me later......

NB: Hey 'Dear Chichi' Lovers, your favorite column is back and better. We would be treating issues around sex, love and relationships. Saturdays are for S^xtasy, hard core s^x education for both male and female, especially married couples.

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Lets roll.....

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