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How family of 8 were poisoned in Imo State - 3 Dead..

An entire family has been thrown into chaos following what medical reports term food poisoning which has left 3 of the six children in the family dead and the father and mother in critical condition.

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After speaking with several persons who are close to the family, it was discovered that there was an ongoing land dispute between the victim and his elder brother of which it was alleged that the man poisoned the food the family ate.

Speaking with Sister Maria, a member of the same church with the victims, she narrated how her impromptu visit led her to assist in helping the once peaceful family which became a nightmare to all as members of the family began to drop dead one after the other.

In her words, "I paid a visit to the family on Saturday because we attend the same church and I noticed that 3 of the children in the house were vomiting non-stop after which they were given akamu and the vomiting stopped but they were very weak. I repeated my visit to the family the next day to know how they were doing only to realise that 2 of the other children had become sick too and were vomiting. I rushed and got two of our other church members including the pastor to come and pray.

Before we know it, the fourth child in the family died in the house and we had to carry the other children to the Ibezim hospital at Isiala Mbano. It was really terrible".

The third child and only daughter of the family died on arrival at the hospital. The father and mother were not affected at the moment and the first 3 children that were vomiting were recovering then all hope went to wind as the mother suddenly collapsed and that was when the entire family was brought to Ochiedike Medical and Dialysis center, Owerri.

In the words of Sister Maria, "This is shocking and remains a mystery to me. The first three children that were vomiting are fine now and the other three who didn't have any issues suddenly became weak, collapsed and died. The second son of the family who was helping out to carry others to the hospital suddenly became weak, drank almost a bag of pure water and died. I have never seen this all my life."

The father and mother have been stabilized at Ochiedike Medical and Dialysis center but they are in critical condition and this has resulted due to a delayed effort of being able to rush down to the medical center when the situation began.


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