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Dear Chichi: Should I go for the 5th ab0rtion?

Hey 'Dear Chichi' Lovers, your favorite column is back and better. We would be treating issues around sex, love and relationships. Saturdays are for S^xtasy, hard core s^x education for both male and female, especially married couples.

 Meanwhile, what's your advise to this young lady who is in a dilemma. Read her complains below.....I'll write my own stand on the issue, tomorrow, before the publications of S^xtasy.....


Dear Chichi,

Should I go for the 5th ab0rtion?
Please I need your advice. I have ab0rted 4 times for my current boyfriend and now I'm pregnant again and he still wants me to ab0rt it. I am confused. Please tell me what to do. I love him but am scared.
Mary, Lagos......

You can always share your thoughts via the comment section or send me me an email (Goldenpearlmedia@gmail.com) or WhatsApp messages (08135116368).
Lets roll.....

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