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Linda Ikeji's sister, Laura Kalu and hubby jointly clear the air on the status of the mother of his 2 kids

Yesterday, the other woman in the life of Kalu Ogbonna, the new husband of Linda Ikeji's sister, Laura was exposed.


Speculations had it that the soccer star was once married with two kids, who he later abandoned for Laura.

However, the two love birds have jointly cleared the air via a simultaneous Instagram posts.

"This nicca of mine has only been married ONCE in his entire life. N that's to me. He has 2 beautiful  n well trained kids that I love  and adore.  Ogbonna and I are beyond husband n wife. We 're like siblings. I adore this man. @ogbobekee1 So no news here," Laura wrote.

Then Ogbonna corresponded: "People,I just want to let you all know that I was not married prior to my marriage to Laura I'm happy to be married to Laura my wife. I have two lovely kids but was not married. I'm cordial with the mother of my two  wonderful children but we were not together when I met my wife Laura is my only wife and I love her God bless you all."

We wish them happy married life! 

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