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You can't believe what people are saying about this Lord Chosen wedding gown (Photos)

The photos of a Lord's Chosen Charismatic Church bride on her wedding gown have emerged online and went viral as Nigerians and reacting to the controversial dress.

The pretty Nigerian bride, Chichi Uzoezie, has taken to her Facebook account and shared the photos from her wedding held at the popular Lord's Chosen Church.

She captioned the photos; "I have to say I love Chosen Church and my wedding was wonderful."

When some requested that she share the full photo, she posted it and wrote; "For those of you requesting for the full pic of my wedding dress. I have to say I love my church CHOSEN and my wedding was wonderful."

The wedding gown photos quickly went viral and generated some mixed reactions and wild comments from Nigerians on social media.

Below are some comments we culled from Facebook;


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