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Tinsel stars, Iyke and Florence celebrate 4th wedding anniversary (Photos)

 Iyke penned these lovely words to celebrate a his life partner.
He shared his excitement via Instagram....read below..


''Four years already! I had to literally count the years to make sure...wow! How time flies when you're having the time of your life! I continue to give God the glory for its not by our power or might but simply but HIS grace...I love you Lord! I love you especially for giving me my WIFE, my best friend, my PFL, my strength, my joy, my home, my ginger, my smile, my everything...this beauty that has graced my life with two wonders (KC & Iyke J). I thank you Lord for the love you bless us with, for the gifts, the miracles, everything, and I pray the you may give me the grace to always be the best husband and father that I can be. I hope to always make you proud dad (I'll miss you). So, happy wedding anniversary babe...let's continue to 'mar' 'age' with love.  You complete me, love you muchest! 💕


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