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How i masturbate the hell out of myself' -Maheeda

Nigerian nudist and singer, Maheeda, has revealed anu interesting thing about herself. The Edo-born singer disclosed that she loves masturbating. 


- 'I like to masturbate too. You know my husband is not always around, he's a businessman so most of the time I'm alone. 
For instance I've been in Nigeria alone for about 2-months and I've been masturbating the hell out of myself' she said.
She also talked about her sex life;

- 'I always say I love sex, I'm addicted to sex but honestly I can do it anytime as much as 6 times in a day as far as there is food and a little bit of drink (laughs)'.
When asked if she uses a sex toy, she said;  'I love to use my hands, It's more sexy and sensitive that way but don't get me wrong, I'm straight, I'm married to a man'.

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