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Film-maker, Sadiq Sule plans big for Neighbours

Sadiq Sule, a fast rising Nigerian Film-maker is set to break the records with his latest production, Neigbours.


"It's coming to the cinemas pretty soon. Neigbours would probably be the most interesting romantic comedy Nigerian movie industry will experience since it's existence. Everyone should wait for it," he gushed. 

Continuing, Sule gave out more information on his new project that gulped his millions of Naira.
"Neigbours, features talented casts in the likes of ‎IK Ogbonna, Chelsea Eze, myself; Sadiq Sule, Priscilla Austin and other great actors. 
Everything about the Neigbour happened in one compound owned by IK Ogbonna. 
One of the tenants traveled and her sister invited her friends to come stay with her. Then other tenants who are guys had interests in the ladies that came to visit. To win the love of the best girl, they all started black mailing themselves and doing all sorts of things to each other, just to look good. 
They were few emotional heart breaks, but at the end of the day, it ended well and some of them even got married later on. 
Neigbours is fun, thrilling, romantic and full of comedy," he squealed to Goldenpearlmedia.

The multi-talented film-maker, who was once a banker in Kaduna State, also tells the inspiring story of how he left banking sector for the entertainment industry 5 years ago and never turned back.
"Before I stormed the entertainment industry, I was a banker for several years. I left banking in 2012, when my passion for entertainment grew stronger. I used to do rap songs and direct music videos. But I had to give it a little break to focus on ‎directing and producing movies, then acting as well. 
After I resigned from the bank in Kano state, I moved to Lagos to harness my passion and dreams. It hasn't been easy at all, but i'm not relenting or looking back.
As a film-maker, there are lots to worry about, but if you do the right movies that have all the good qualities, then you smile to the bank at the end of the day," he added.
The Edo State born film-maker has so far produced over 10 movies and comedy skits; Somewhere In The North, Misery Lane: The Genesis, His Romantic Majesty and more.



  1. Big ups... kudos Sadiq, the sky is the limit

  2. Cant wait to see this movie in the cinemas. And pls make sure to update us on the dates for the premiering.


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