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#BBNaija: Mercy Johnson is a coward and self-centered individual- Kogi State indigenes cry out

Barely one month after Nollywood sweetheart, Mercy Johnson was decorated as the Special Adviser to Kogi state Governor on Entertainment, her people have started calling her out for different reasons.


According to Maryjane, a blogger from Kogi, Mercy Johnson is a coward.
She wrote: "Mercy Johnson, is a coward and self-centered individual. I wonder what she represents as the entertainment ambassador to Kogi State if she couldn't promote her fellow Kogi State indigene Debbie Rise on her IG page to win the #bbniaja . That was her opportunity to show how generous she is and how good she is in her political endorsement appointment, But she cowardly blew her chance and let her state down. What do you expect? When your pussy pave the way for you, When it's time to do the job can the pussy do it for you? No so your action or rather inaction was cowardice and you even have the guts to bash a fan that called you out for your wrong smh. Now, where are all the Kogi State Indigenes that pounced on me when I first dissed her? You see your lives..... Laughing at you all... I have the last laugh.... Your so-called Kogi-born actress couldn't promote your own, your state, and the entertainment field she represents. I told ya how she got that appointment and her stolen golddigging husband doesn't even care as long as the money flows smh. #flipshairandwalkaway #iamout."


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