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Jaw dropping photos from Psquare's massive Parkview homes

The Okoye brothers, comprising the duo of P-Square and their elder brother, Jude Okoye, recently moved into their homes in Parkview, Ikoyi.

And the property consists of three different houses – in three different compounds.
They have since posted a few photos from their new mansions – and we can tell they all come with similar stunning design.

Jude poses in his crib. Photo:

Check out Peter’s crib
Peter don’t have to go to the cinemas… seeing as he’s got one in his house.  
Dope design. It can’t get any better than this.  
Another space inside the house.
Don’t you wish he’s your relative cooking for the family in a kitchen this sexy.  
In his caption; ‘Chilaxing.com’… Or how else do you relax in a luxury home?
Paul’s Crib
This happens to be Paul’s crib
Some daddy and son moment
And as Paul captioned; ‘Only God..’ 
Jude Okoye’s crib
A house fitted for a CEO
The houses all come in same design.

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