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Ebony Life TV, Malta Guinness present ‘LIFE 101’ – A Tale of youth life, love and laughter

On the 1st of March, 2017 at FilmHouse IMAX Cinemas, Lekki phase 1, EbonyLife TV & Malta Guinness premieres new campus youth drama titled ‘Life 101’.
L-R: Commercial Director, EbonyLife TV, Uzo Onwuchekwa; Founder, EbonyLife TV, Mo Abudu; Head of Programmes, EbonyLife TV, Heidi Uys and Marketing/Innovation Director, Guinness Nigeria, Rob Hobart at the premiere of EbonyLife TV’s new TV series ‘Life 101’ recently in Lagos.

 Life 101 talks about a gang of four childhood friends who leave their high school years behind and head for university. Together, their dreams seem invincible; but will their bond be strong enough to withstand the realities of adulthood? This is a story about life, love, laughter and tears, with friends who always manage to get into trouble.

We are introduced into the worlds of Deji, a brilliant 'mad scientist' with a wild imagination; Sade, the pretty tomboy with a passion for dancing who discovers the complexities of love and relationships; Tobi, the good-looking, sporty, gifted footballer and instinctive lady-killer who is studying the wrong course but doesn't seem to care; and Frank, the rich boy with huge musical dreams.

Follow the foursome on a murderous adventure, as Deji's alter-ego, 'Charlie Cool', turns super-sleuth in order to save the day. In this alternate reality, his friends assume new identities in his fertile imagination: Sade becomes the sexy 'Shade'; Frank becomes the suave 'Frankie'; and Tobi turns into 'Too Bad'. Together they will discover the challenges of life, the power of love and what it takes to be called a true friend.

The drama airs on EbonyLife TV, Dstv channel 165 on Wednesday, 8th March, 2017 at 9PM WAT.

For more information, like the official Facebook page, www.facebook.com/EbonylifeTV and to be part of the Twitter/Instagram conversation, follow us @EbonyLife_TV and @MaltaGuinnessNG.

About EbonyLife TV:

EbonyLife TV and EbonyLife Films are dedicated to telling the full range of African stories as they have never been told before. Strongly rooted in Africa but connecting to a global audience through a shared identity and common values. EbonyLife TV prides itself as Africa’s first Global Black Entertainment and Lifestyle Network for premium homegrown entertainment content. EbonyLife Films is poised to expand this vision by becoming one of Africa’s most influential story tellers.

In the resurgence for telling the story of a new Africa, our first feature film, FIFTY, allowed us to create an honest insight of Africa in contrast to the stereotypical fatalistic stories filmmakers tend to tell of the continent. These stories mould the worldview of Africa as a single story. As Africans living in Africa, we are passionate about telling our stories, of a multidimensional reality that is a burgeoning, pioneering, cosmopolitan and progressive Africa.

EbonyLife Films further captures the very essence and soul of Africa via its Storytelling, and has extended itself to representing history, personal narrative, political commentary and evolving cultural norms, as well as addressing educational objectives.

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