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Royal Roots: Why we came up with radio, television- Greg Odutayo, MD, R2FM / R2TV productions

Two months after its establishment in the ancient city of Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, R2FM is already making waves and resuscitating excitement to be her audience in the metropolis.



According to the founder of Royal Roots, owners of R2FM & R2TV, Greg Odutayo, it was easy for the station to get her targeted audience, since almost all the radio stations in the state are speaking Yoruba, "so we brought fresh and exciting English speaking programs to tantalize the students. We really brought back excitement to radio in Ibadan. We don't do impulsive presentation. Whatever we do on our station is planned, every day."
"When we came into Ibadan, we noticed they wanted more than what they were getting from other radio stations, so we came to their rescue."

On why taking the radio station to Ibadan, Odutayo stated that the technical reason was that there were no more frequencies in Lagos, adding that the state has the second largest number of radio stations, after Lagos. 

The film and television maestro, said, "We started with radio productions, before we went into television productions. Along the line we did a bit of events management and all of that. But our strong niche is in TV production. Our root is radio. The decision we took to go back to radio is like going back to our root; where we actually started from. We are firm believers in radio. We love radio. In fact radio made the first big money for Royal Roots, so it's not strange that we choose to go back to radio. There's more connection with your audience on radio than TV. Our aim is to establish a media platform that has a synergy with one another that's why we came up with a Radio and TV stations."

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