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'How did we get here'- Toke Makinwa speaks on #IStandWithNigeria protest

Toke Makinwa has aired her views on the quite controversial nationwide protest that held yesterday.

The top media personality took to her Instagram page to reveal her radio show was dedicated to the #IStandWithBuhari protest and she feel about the suffering of the masses.


She wrote: "My radio show today was dedicated to #istandwithnigeria we opened the phone lines and you don't even know half of the struggle and lamentations people have to share. Everyone is affected, No light, the cost of everything has gone up, people suffering in silence because they are tired of complaining with no one to hear them. The education system is bleeding, graduates looking for jobs, even those still in school are on Social media looking for hand outs to pay their fees or buy their books. No one wants to beg, na condition happen and a closed mouth will not be fed. Yet, for how long? it is a sad state. Who do we cry to? The rate of crime has increased no one is safe. How did we get here, where do we go from here? We pray and pray and hope just like the children of Israel that a promise will come. Yet each time we think we've seen the messiah, it feels like a pointless chase again. Our dreams are dashed again! God save Nigeria, God help us to BECOME🙏"


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