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"Why I got married as a virgin''- Nollywood actress reveals

Pretty Enugu based Nollywood actress Oge Aneke has described sexual looseness among many young people of nowadays to poor lack of self-value, faulty parenting, lack of contentment amongst others.

In a recent ,the Enugu based actress whose marriage to hubby, Val Okeh, clocked a year on Monday, January 9, 2017, boasted that her hubby is the only man she has ever dated and hence, he was the man who deflowered her.

On how she met her husband, the pretty damsel said: "Surprisingly, I first met him at my cousin's house in 2003 when I was still in secondary school but we had nothing then. It was after he graduated from the university that we bumped into each other at my cousin's wedding in Enugu in 2011. As a rookie who has never tasted a relationship before, it was not easy for me to give in to dating him, though he still managed to convince me after several rebuffs. We had some breakups and comebacks during the period until he proposed on October 1, 2015. And guess what? I said yes and the marriage rites was formalized on 9th Jan, 2016,'' she told Linda Ikeji Blog.

Aneke added that she was deflowered by her darling husband: "If I must be candid, although, I had seen someone in between our breakups that didn't work out at the end. That means my husband deflowered me.

It's a good feeling to be deflowered by your husband but it’s difficult to keep considering the industry we are involved in. But with sheer determination and God's grace, you can make it .

We are in an industry that is perceived to be highly plagued with sexual immorality in order to buy favour from producers and marketers, Nevertheless, we still have a good number of them (producers and marketers) in the industry that believe so much on hardwork and ingenuity."

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