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How groom broke down after Power outage disrupted his wedding in Imo state

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A couple, Kennedy and Vivian, in a wedding reception at Concord Hotel, Owerri in Imo state, got disappointed, when the light went off and lasted longer than expected.

The incident which happened ,Friday, saw the groom and bride fumed over what they described as” embarrassment before their invitees.”

When the groom could not bear the arena enveloped in darkness, he jumped out from the wedding hall to the reception desk and started shouting demanding for explanation. The receptionists who were at duty scampered for safety. “You people are not serious, you shut down the light and shut out my personalities”, he said. He continued, “Today is my happiest day and you brought down my happiness ? I am not happy with you people. You must pay for this.” Kennedy insisted that the power outage did not go down well with him neither did it add colour to his wedding event. He said: “This has brought me shame and anger.” “Why is this happening to me on my wedding day.

A day that suppose to be a day of joy and look at what has happened to me”, Kennedy cried out. He said: ” You must pay me back my money. You cannot deliver on the money I paid to you. Can you imagine the amount of money I paid but what I have received today is insult. “This Hotel has bleeped me up.They have turned down my wedding. Where is the management ? they must pay for this mess. I cannot take this rubbish”, he added.

By the time the chaotic situation simmered down some top workers in the hotel who came out much later, took the aggrieved friends of the groom who came back from Malaysia, Indonesia for a talk and probably to settle the issue. The friends of the groom had threatened that they would shut down the hotel and sue the management to court. Some tourists who were at the scene also volunteered to broker peace amid the raging disagreement between friends of the groom, bride and the Hotel management.

However, Vanguard went further to get the reactions from the management of Concorde Hotel, a lady who looks like a foreigner was introduced as the operation manager of the Hotel but she refused to give her name. She walked out on Vanguard reporter, after she said: ” This is not you’re business. I have settled the issue. It is between me and my client.” Even when Vanguard reporter pleaded with her to understand it was an Imo state owned Hotel, and that standard should be maintained in dealing with customers, she, however, snubbed and went her way

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